A Decadent Choice for that Perfect Occasion

A Decadent Choice

for that Perfect Occasion


The Story Behind the Wine

Inspired by Donny Sebastiani’s favorite childhood treat—a glazed donut with a creamy custard filling—our Custard Chardonnay evokes cozy memories with its extravagant crème brulée aromas and decadent tropical fruit flavors.

The fruit for our Custard Chardonnay comes from several of California’s premier wine regions that come together in crafting this indulgent style of rich and creamy wine. This is a decadent, family-inspired, family-made and family-enjoyed wine!

2017 Custard California Chardonnay

Decadent. Indulgent. Family-inspired

The 2017 Custard Chardonnay explodes with inviting aromas of vanilla scone, toasted almond, baked apple pie and creamy meringue cookies. The fragrant aromas lead to a lush mouthfeel filled with tropical fruit flavors; papaya and ripe guava.

Additionally, flavors of vanilla custard, toasted buttered pie crust and whipped cream linger blissfully on the palate. The wine is richly textured yet well-balanced with juicy fruit and lively acidity.

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